The incredibly talented and creative Clive Cooper had dabbled in many different art forms and mediums in his life before discovering his knack for pumpkin carving.

“ I decided to enter and present an unusual, novelty pumpkin. My pumpkin won the contest and received a lot of positive attention and it was then that the spark was lit!”

That contest was nearly 15 years ago now and though he has kept his Government day job, he is professional carver now as well, creating incredible pumpkins ( and the odd watermelon) for Halloween events, film parties and weddings.

Most of the pumpkins he carves weigh over 80 pounds, making the art of carving very physical as well, he often uses power tools to gut the pumpkins and the more detailed carving designs can take hours to complete. 

Scroll over any of his incredible photos to see it larger and find a video below the grid watch him demonstrate his skills at an annual Halloween event.

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