When someone says the words “small town” images of a old fashioned sleepy town with a few necessary stores a couple hundred kind folk come to mind. Well the and Today, the population is 2.. In its glory days it, was bustling and called home by as many as 600 residents.

Gross, Nebraska was supposed to become a major Midwest train hub, but when the railroad never came, many of the town’s residents moved away. In fact ALL of the towns residents moved except except Mary and Mike Finnegan.

And so, for the last 33 years, the Finnegans have been the town’s sole residents, keeping Gross on the map. They operate a small restaurant, the Nebraska Inn, where they welcome travelers of all kinds—providing comfort, hospitality, and the best burger around. Through their warmth and steadfast traditions (coffee still costs a nickel, and anyone who dares to curse has to glue a dollar to the wall), Mary and Mike have ensured that the spirit of Gross lives on.

When the ancestry DNA test company that traces family trees company Ancestry, heard of the Finnihgans dedication to their tiny town of two. They not only reunited them with some relatives, the reunited them with ancestors of the town’s founders to create a memorable, Thanksgiving where the past and present to came together.

Ancestry searched its extensive historical records and contacted people with a connection to Gross, bringing them “home” to rediscover a piece of their family history—some, for the very first time.

Fifty people came home to Gross, Nebraska, for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration this year at Mike and Mary Finnegan restaurant, the Nebraska Inn. The huge feast that ended with Mary and Mike’s family and their new friends roasting marshmallows over a campfire and lighting sparklers. flashed sparklers. The Finnegans' three children and eight grandchildren were there, discovering they're related to people they've known their entire lives.

The couple was extastic and heartwarmed that the event came to life , Mary saying "Oh my goodness gracious, it's just amazing," she said in a phone interview. "I can't give you any words to describe how grateful I am for that. It was just an absolutely perfect day. It expresses the importance of family, getting together and having a place for everybody to call home and come to for holidays. I hope everyone who was there learned that important bit of information." SOURCES: GOOD NEWS NETWORK, PATCH, ANCESTARY