The physics behind gravity largely determines the make-up of Earth, with tides, weather formations, transport and beyond all determined by our attraction to Earth’s surface.

But, when gravity leaves us, why do we float?. What would life be without gravity?

When asked about what it feels like to walk on the moon at one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, Buzz Aldrin once described the atmosphere as being filled with “magnificent desolation”.

He explained what it felt like to take each step, saying it’s “perhaps not too far from a trampoline, but without the springiness and instability”.

When NASA’s Scott Kelly returned from almost a full year in space seemingly grew two inches while he was up there for a still unexplainable reason.

As fun as experiencing no gravity sounds and looks, there can be some unwanted side effects resulting from it. Lean about “The Science of Weightlessness” in this interesting infographic created by Security Scale Service.