Highly adaptable with a good sense of humour glaciologist and astro biologist Cyprien Verseux is spreading some smiles to the world by showcasing just how cold it is there by cooking outside in the extreme environment.

Scroll through this slideshow to see some of his memorable meals!

Cyprien is currently working collecting samples and doing research about climate i in Concordia Station, the most remote scientific base in the world Even the International Space Station, 400km above the Earth, is closer to civilization than this place, deep in the icy wastes of our most isolated and inhospitable continent.

Cyprien and his fellow small team of 13 including scientists, technicians, a cook and a doctor live alone at the base in the depths of an Antarctic winter where even bacteria cannot survive. It is the coldest area on Earth, with temperatures reaching below -80°C in winter.

“Nine months a year, during the winter, it cannot be left or reached,” Cyprien told Bored Panda. “It is so cold that vehicles can’t come and go. We are currently 13 people: technicians, scientists, a cook and a medical doctor. “We run out of fresh food early in the winter (as we have no resupply from early February to early November), so we eat mostly frozen food: given that the temperatures never are in the positive, we just store it in containers outside.”

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