Award winning photographer Geert Weegen photographing Red squirrels has captured some truly magical moments! Read on to find out how his studio started attracting wildlife in his own words below and see some of his amazing and adorable photographs in the slideshow below.

“Six years ago, there was a fox standing on my doorstep, and I immediately rushed back inside to fetch some meat. The fox would come back daily to get more food and I used that as an opportunity to take some photos. 

By the end of a second week, the fox would come to the balcony where it interacted with various props I used for photography. Soon before late, a Russian bird paid me a visit and continued on doing so daily. Suddenly, my balcony had become a studio filled with nature props, cameras, mirrors etc. The bird followed me and I followed the bird with my camera, as it searched for hidden food in scenes that I had created. Some photos of this encounter were awarded and published.” Geert Weegen

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