Children’s Imaginary Friends Come To Life

The innocence and imagination of a child truly make for some very special moments in life. One of those magical things best captured by a wide-eyed with wonder child are imaginary friends.

Bringing the creatures inside her 3-year-old daughter's head was the inspiration for Anna Angenend's photo series called "My Monster & Me," which she brought to life with artist and fellow mom Amy Snyder. Angenend was inspired by her own daughter’s vivid imagination about her imaginary monster friend who wouldn’t brush his teeth because “he liked his cavities.” The project idea grew from there and each custom photo in the series is personally inspired by each individual child’s personality and imaginative play.

Together they have brought many childhood imaginary friends to life by combining whimsical photography and magical  illustrations over the photo.

See some of the imaginative creatures they have brought to life in the slideshow below.

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