Kids love having variety of fun ways to greet and say goodbye.

Scroll down for some awesome ideas created by Kindergarten Nana, a former kindergarten teacher for 22 years. 

Find more of her kindergarten wisdom on her blog here:

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KANGAROO HUG: Face your child and wrap your arms around each other – then both jump and the big person picks up the little person! *This one is for an adult and a child as children risk bonking heads!  

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BACKWARDS HUG: Kids turned around and gently pressed their backs together.

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WAVE HUG: Children held up both hands as if they were going to do a high 5 and waved their hands from side to side.

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HIP HUG: Partners gently bump their right hips together.


THUMB KISS: Kids held up their right thumbs and gently pushed them together – kissing sounds are optional!

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BUTTERFLY HUG: Partners hooked their right thumbs together and wiggled their fingers for the butterfly wings.

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KNUCKLE HUG: Partners each made a fist with their right hand and gently pushed knuckles together.

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PINKY HUG:  Children hook the little finger from each of their right hands and shake it up and down gently.

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BIRTHDAY HUG: Partners each held up one finger and pretended to blow it out like a candle.