The imaginative book Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson was first published in 1955. it has continued to delight children for years and is now also a cartoon series. This simple drawing game based on the wonderful book can be adjusted to challenge children of all ages!

1.) Draw lines to divide a piece of paper into 6-8 boxes

2.) Draw a problem in each box along with a tiny stick man- for example, a tornado,  a boat next to a big wave, a volcano erupting. Get creative and silly with such ideas as giant monster banana, a mountain of homework, stepping in a puddle of glue and so forth

3.) After describing each "problem' you have drawn, give your child the "purple crayon" pencil and let their imagination run wild drawing their way out of the dilemmas! If they like, they can then have a turn drawing problems for you to solve!

4.) An added option is that they can use one "magic wand power" or " star wars force field" if they are stuck.