Who doesn't dream of stumbling upon a long lost treasure! Well with a little bit of collecting and planning you can be the magic behind the scene in making that dream of finding treasure come true for some lucky kiddos! Scroll down to find out how....

   1.) Collect some old looking treasure to plant, thrift stores are great for finding a few cheap and old "treasures" such as old looking silverware, tin plates, frames, shells, boxes, coins, jewelry, anything nautical. Look for things that look they could have come off a pirate ship. If your treasure hunters are under five, even sparkly plastic gems will spark their imagination! For older pirates, commit to the "Nautical" "Weathered" "Antique" and " Everyday pirate ship items" to make it feel real. 


2.) Think of a place that would be great for discovering treasure! Ideally a beach, but even pirates went inland to rest:) Ideally the place is somewhere you are holidaying or visiting to make it mysterious more of an extra special event. If the perfect place is close to home, find a good explanation for why the day you are going is extra special "Low tide in August"  or " After a full moon" Finding a place you visit or giving a logical explanation for what makes the time or place special will curb little one's desire to treasure hunt for more daily.


3.) Inspire the little treasure hunter(s) in your life with the legend of "Captain Kidd" who sailed the world on his ship the "Generosity" hiding treasures he stole back from greedy pirates in hopes children of future generations would find it and be inspired to be generous. You can print out the whole legend further below if you like.


 4.) Wear something with big pockets, or a handy over the shoulder bag to hold your secret treasure. While they are while they're on the beach sprinkle the gold and put a shell… when they spot it and are distracted digging pretend to help in the hunt and then somewhat bury the treasure as I pretend to dig! It is the rare age where magic and treasure exist:)