If you know a fun loving and inspiring secret agent, spread some imagination and smiles with these simple & fun “Top Secret” Spy codes for kids!

1.) Secret Spy Code

This Secret Spy code created by Teachers Pay Teachers was originally created to help kid learn spelling but also makes for a great spy code activity chart!

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Download & Print Secret Code Spelling here:

Super Secret Code Spelling.png

2.) Reverse Alphabet Code

“This is a simple code to solve – just read the words backwards! Even though it seems simple once you know the secret, it can be a hard one to figure out when you don’t.”

Find more from Family Maven here:

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3.) Morse Code

“Morse code uses dots, dashes and spaces to represent letters numbers and symbols. You can write morse code, or send it with flashes of light or sounds. Once a prisoner of war even sent a message in morse code by blinking his eyes!” Picklebums

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Print Morse Code sheet here:


4.) Number Cypher Code

“In a substitution cypher, one letter, number, or symbol represents a letter. In our case, one number represents one letter. A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on. You can choose any numbers in your code. Just be sure the person reading your message has the code and knows which number goes with which letter.” Inspiration Labortories

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Print this Number to Letter Cypher here:

number-substitution-cypher (1).jpg

5.) DIY Create Your Own Secret Codes

“Time for us to try making our own! We learned that it is important to make the symbols and drawings we used to represent each letter quite simple, and easy to reproduce accurately. If you make them too complicated it will be impossible to write a coded message that someone else can decipher!

Print DIY Secret Code Chart here: