Comic Feature: Brian Gordon

Cartoonist Brian Gordon, the fun loving dad behind the series Fowl Language Comics knew he wanted to be a cartoonist since kindergarten. Some would say it now ironic that his highly acclaimed comic serious Fowl Language Comics is centred around the laughable moments he has parenting his two children, Max 8 x, 10, who is portrayed as the yellow duck and Phoebe, 7 as a slightly smaller pink duck.

““I’m crazy about my kids — I’d live and die for my kids — but kids can be frustrating!” Gordon said with a big laugh. “These cute little muses of mine drive me nuts sometimes, and they’re also the source of my inspiration” Brian said on an interview with the Today Show while touring his book he released in 2016.

His journey to his dream of becoming an acclaimed cartoonist has been a passionate and dedicated one. He graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He took a hiatus from school to work as a freelancer earning a masters degree from Syracuse University in 1997.. With a master’s degree in hand and a knack for making comics that made people smile he was offered an internship at Hallmark in 1997 which led onto a career writing greeting cards for 18 years.

While at Hallmark Cards, Gordon maintained a blog its web site called Brian's Brain where he would draw additional comics for a Chuck & Beans series he created about a rabbit and dog in their 20’s. The characters whose life centered around dating and pop culture were featured on many Hallmark greeting cards..

After marrying and having children, he found it hard to write relatable comics for Chuck & Beans and so, win July 2013 Fowl Language Comics was born as an outlet to write laughable comics about parenthood. Gordon said he chose to draw the characters as ducks because ducks were one of the few animals he did not draw very often for Hallmark Cards.[The comics were “too edgy” for Hallmark cards but Gordon had fun creating them.

When Hallmark Card’s went through financial troubles, Brian suddenly lost his job in 2015. As the saying goes“ When one door closes, another door opens.” only two hours after being let go from Hallmark The Huffington Post contacted Gordon asking to publish some of his comics on their website. Gordon was thrilled and Fowl Language quickly became one of the most shared comics on Facebook.His online popularity led to several offers to publish his comics in paperback.

“My comics are largely inspired by my struggles as a parent, my fascination with technology, science and all things geeky. Oh, and a constant, crushing wave of self-doubt and anxiety. That’s a big source of inspiration, too” Brian Gordon

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