Enchanting Fairy Houses

Sally Smith’s enchanting fairy houses are so whimsical they’ll make you wish you had pixie dust so that you could shrink down to fairy size and visit these magical dwellings.

Smith was a watercolour artist for nearly two decades before finding her creative calling building fairy houses and environmental sculptures out of natural materials she primarily gathers herself.

Her creativity shines not only in her physical art but the storybook names she gives each one such as the Mossy Manor, Sunflower Cottage, Dragonwood Castle Tiger Lily Treehouse and The Fairy Queen’s Retreat.

Scroll Down to see some of her magical fairy houses!

“For me the essence of what I am doing as an artist is to create works that bring the Human heart back into connection with the natural world thru the doorway of wonder, whimsy or magic.”

Find more of Sally Smith’s enchanting art here: https://sallyjsmithart.com/

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