This is a look inside the world of one of the most revolutionary clowns in the business. Step inside the trippy world of Slava Polunin and see what he considers a real wonderland. The wacky and strange are ever present in this little video and it’s food for thought if nothing else.

Le Moulin Jaune is a curious place. A very curious place, indeed. And it’s no surprise that it all comes from the mind of a clown. Slava Polunin is a free-spirited, avant-garde performance artist and one of the world’s most recognizable clowns. Hailing from Communist Russia, Polunin revolutionized the art of clowning, moving it from the circus to the stage. When he grew tired of working on stage, he decided to establish the International Academy of Fools, complete with a whimsical space for the group to perfect its foolery.

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